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How does it work?

How does it work?

Contact us at sperlingstudio@gmail.com or contato@sperlingstudio.com.br and send us an mp3 of your song.

We will discuss your ideas and recommendations by email or Skype in order to achieve the ideal performance and sound that your project needs. After the material has been recorded, we will send you a preview demo, for your considerations.

If needed, we can re-record your tracks, taking into consideration any modifications or filling in a new detail or idea that you may want to add, with no extra cost.

Next, you make the payment via PayPal, and we’ll send you the new tracks.

How to send the audio files?

Please send your audio files in Wave, Aiff or in a Protools Session, always consolidating from the beginning of the session (for correct alignment).

Don’t forget to include the BPM of the song.

We’ll send you back your audio tracks the same way: Wave, Aiff or a Protools session.

Transfers can be made by Wetransfer, Dropbox or by a Data DVD  sent to your address.