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Ary Sperling

Ary Sperling

Producer, Conductor, Arranger, Composer, Keyboard and Guitar Player

  • Ary started his career as a band leader of the musical group Viva Voz, singing, playing and arranging in records, background vocals and jingles, and participating in TV and radio shows.
  • As a keyboard programmer and member of the Wagner Tiso’s band, he played keyboards and acoustic guitars in shows, records and movie soundtracks.
  • He studied MIDI in Los Angeles, California, and later assembled the first MIDI Keyboard Recording Studio in Brazil, at Som Livre recording company facilities.
  • Arranger, producer and composer of musical pieces for CD’s, DVD’s, movies and advertising campaigns, his credits include works for acclaimed Brazilian artists and international stars.
  • Ary is a “Grammy, The Recording Academy “ and “Latin Recording Academy (LARAS)” voting member.


  • arranjo-icon-sperling-studioArrangement
  • Mulher (minisérie) – Abertura
Arranger, Conductor and Guitars: Ary Sperling Feat. Paulo William (Trombone solo)
  • Gilberto Gil
Arranger, Guitar: Ary Sperling
Abertura Novela Mico Preto
  • Daniela Mercury
Arranger, Conductor and Guitars: Ary Sperling
Oração da Mãe Menininha

Acoustic guitar player

  • Rachel Keagy – American Singer
  • Mary Helen Bernard – American Singer
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